Saturday, March 29, 2008

Challenge 23 -- Easter

I have no Easter photo from this year, yet. I attempted an Easter photo this year. The kids played with my camera (a big no-no) and set it to film rather than photo, and so my photo is a film that won't download. Of course, this year it was too cold to stay outside for a photo, and inside was too crowded with all the aunts and uncles and cousins, so until the film comes back, I have no photos.

This is a photo of the grandchildren from last Easter. My kids are lucky they have cousins on their father's side. My sister's children have no cousins other than my kids (15oo miles away) and one cousin that lives in California (3000 miles away). I think that is sad. I learned a lot being forced to do things with my cousins--people that you may have liked OK, but really had not choice about spending time with them. It teaches you a lot about getting along with people. I learned to get along with bullies; I learned how to spend time with adults because you didn't want to be with the kids; I learned that both very pleasant and very unpleasant times will end soon enough. I learned that you don't have to love someone to miss them, and that family is important even if you don't always get along. You don't necessarily learn this from siblings. I think cousins are important in the scheme of things.

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