Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Day Before the Big Day

You know it is going to be a good day when the telephone wakes you up, and it is someone who drives you crazy at the other end repeating something you told him yesterday.

You know the day is getting better when you realize that you have to drive a kid to an appointment less than 30 minutes later.

You know that you have everything under control when your toilet overflows while you are calling to said 14-year-old, who is in the shower.

You know it can't get any better when you realize the plunger is locked in the bathroom with said 14-year-old shower taker.

I have company, well, family, but they don't live in my house, coming tomorrow for Thanksgiving. Given that statement, the obvious conclusion is that I have a lot to do before then. Given the way my day has started, it is going to be a heckuva Thanksgiving dinner!

If I have all the family over to my house for Thanksgiving, why can't I do what I want? It is supposed to be over 70 degrees, and I think that the kids, who don't like "Thanksgiving food" generally, should be allowed to eat pizza outside. Looks like a win-win, to me, but two of the men (my husband being one of them) think the kids should eat like the rest of us. OK, so does he do the dishes? Actually, he probably will, because he is a good guy.

So have a wonderful holiday, whatever you eat, and wherever you are. Be thankful for everything...

Monday, November 20, 2006


I was thinking about a really good book I read this year, and asked my husband "How do you start a blog?" He was on his computer, and he said, "Well, let's look it up..." He found this site, began my page, and left it to me to continue. I have no idea what direction this rant, I mean blog, will take. Most likely, I will sometimes talk about college basketball, or the right or wrong thing I am doing to my kids, or the state of the city, nation, or world. Sometimes, I do nothing noteworthy, but sometimes I do. For instance, this week, I went to an Interfaith Prayer and Devotional Service. I am a confirmed Catholic, went to a Fundamentalist Christian high school, raised in a Southern Baptist Church, so I consider myself a bit of a hybrid as far as organized religion goes. Anyway, this was an interesting evening. We had a couple readings from various faiths, some prayers, and some music, including a really very cool song called "Chant Medley" which included a phrase from the Christian, Jewish, Muslim (I think?) and another faith tradition that I don't remember. It was beautiful, and the group divided and chanted with the CD. It was beautiful, and I think God smiled at us.

So anyway, that was maybe not the high point, but maybe the most different thing I have done lately. I will keep you posted...