Friday, February 13, 2009

Books, Book Clubs, and More Books

I have finally been invited to join a book club! I went 2 months ago to my first meeting (The Guernsey LIterary and Potato Peel Society), wherein I did NOT get to read the book (although I bought the book and will read it later). This past week was my first meeting for which I read the book, Away, by Amy Bloom. I loved the writing of Away, but did not much like the story. If the writing is that prosaic, I like the story to either be too unbelievable or very believable. The Hobbit (completely unbelievable, but beautiful) and Sophie's Choice (believable, and horrible, but beautiful) come to mind as examples.

As you can see by my sidebar, I love to read. I love books, and I love bookstores and libraries. I am grateful that my love of reading has been passed down to at least 2 of my children. Both of my daughters love to read, and hopefully my son will discover the joy as well.

This month, the book club will be reading The People of the Book, by Geraldine Brooks. It looks interesting, and I will post after I have read it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Winners Again

Well, my beloved Tar Heel boys did it again last night--beating the blue devils in Durham. And for most of the game, they looked darn good doing it. Why is it that we, as fans, get so wrapped up in this? We have absolutely nothing, NOTHING, to do with winning, losing--we don't know these boys, will (most likely) never meet these boys, gain nothing but bragging rights (to what?!), waste hours thinking about or researching or writing about the game/rivalry, spend money to watch or commune during a game, and for what? The opportunity to align ourselves with winners. Or, in my case, with a premier program/university. If you have read my previous postings regarding Coach Smith, then you know the influence he has had on my life and my outlook on the world. That is where I come from.

So, here's to you, boys! Let's do it again in March. Show them who's boss.

God Bless those Tar Heel Boys!