Sunday, March 23, 2008

Challenge 4 -- An Elder You Respect

It is strange to think of Dean Smith as an "elder", but he is. I have never met this man, and yet my respect for him grows with everything I hear about him. For someone to speak disrespectfully of him draws my ire. My impression of Dean Smith is this: He is an humble man who is brilliant at his profession. He is an inspiration for everyone to do the right thing, leading by example and not by words. My one real regret in my life so far is that I was not involved in some way with the basketball program while I was at Carolina. I tell my children that the athletes are not role models because of their athletic prowess. Rather, Dean Smith is the role model--he taught the game, changed the game, and inspired those who play. However, this is not his whole contribution. He integrated the game in Chapel Hill, he used his celebrity to change that part of society, and he inspired me to not see race, but people. He set an example for people to follow, and I am glad to do that.

Thank you, Mr. Smith.

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SoSock said...

GREAT piece about Dean. I've always said I'm a Carolina fan because of Smith, not the other way around. I didn't even go to college, much less there, but I was awed by the presence and character of this man.
I've had the pleasure of meeting him twice, once at a charity golf event, once at a book-signing.
Although I was just a fan at the event, so the meeting was not like a personal one, he made it personal. When he was summoned to the next hole before my young son could get his autograph, he scooped him up and carried him in his lap while the cart rode off, singing his autograph sheet and sending him away star-struck at the ride's end.
A class act indeed.
BTW - How 'bout them Heels!
Guys and gals both - looking veeeeery good right now!