Sunday, March 2, 2008

Another Book, and Nothing Creative

I am in North Carolina, ostensibly to help my sister recover from surgery. She has been discharged from the care of her cardiologist, and is doing very, very well. Still slow, but getting there. I will go back home on Tuesday, and I am excited about seeing my husband, my family, my dogs, and my house. And my beautiful, clean, organized scrapbooking room. I have not done but one creative things since I got here (on February 16), and I am feeling very hemmed in. Amazing that when I am scrapping, or sewing, or whatever in my room, I don't feel creative, but when I am not doing any of those things, I feel very uncreative. Odd.

I have read books, however. About 7 of them. I still have 3 Saint books to read and make tests for (can you see that my steam for that task gave out a long, long time ago?!), and I am in the middle of the last book I brought, World Without End, by Ken Follett. I have read all of his books, and this one is up in the top 2-3 of his works. I am really enjoying it.

The book that I have finished that I really, really liked is Dough, by Mort Zachter. I loved reading the story, but I also loved how honest he was about reconciling his feelings of love and fondness for his uncles with the anger he felt after learning their secret. I would recommend it highly to anyone who enjoys memoirs.

Finally, I am back in TarHeel country, and finally go the chance to see my Heels in the DeanDome (it was built after I left, and I have attended concerts there, but never seen the team play). My friend with the connections, Moneypenny (yes, her real name), called with the great news. Could there be a downside? Of course there is, in my world! The tickets are for the day I leave, at 3:39 in the afternoon! Maybe next time.

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