Saturday, December 29, 2007

Long Time, No Chat

OK, another chance for New Year's resolutions. I have made a few (5), and one of them is to blog every week. Another is to write more, and so this allows me to accomplish two at one time.

I was just visiting the website. It is a cool site, with many, many different things going on. For example, I just found a place where people just talk to each other, about many different things. One conversation yesterday was about Jewishness vs. Christianity (not versus, as in a war, but more vis-a-vis). The comment that interested me was where the author stated that a Jew could not be a Christian. What she meant was that a person could not practice both faiths. I understand, but I always considered Jews to be both a tribe, or race, as well as a faith. I believe that a Jew can absolutely become Christian, and not lose his or her "Jewishness." Her position was that it is absolutely impossible to retain the tradition through the generations if you are not practicing, as far as I understood her comments.

This was an informed, adult, informative chat, and I enjoyed it immensely. I went on today, and a woman was asking a question about a touchy situation. I could not believe how some women piled on her, saying awful things about her finances, her decision-making, her judgment--it was really amazing. When other posters began standing up for question-asker, the pilers began making excuses, saying that this woman has a history of causing trouble, etc.

Why do people find the need to be ugly? It takes so much less energy to be nice.

I subscribe to, and one of her agendas (and I mean that in absolutely the best way--this woman is a saint and should be given a medal) is to Pay It Forward. There is one drive-up restaurant here in town that I go to only sometimes, but I have made it a point to pay for the car behind me every time I go there. It makes me feel good. I love the fact that the person behind me isn't expecting a thing, and something really great happens for them, and they don't even have to thank anyone. Every time I do it, I pray that the person behind me does something nice for someone. That is all I want to happen, is for people to be nicer to each other.

Maybe if we all did this, there would be no Columbine shooter, or Virginia Tech shooter, or Von Maur shooter. Just because we did something nice instead of being ugly. Wouldn't that be nice?