Thursday, February 21, 2008

All's (Mostly) Right with the World

My favorite line from Anne of Green Gables. . . and a Robert Browning poem (Pippa Passes?)

I am in North Carolina right now. My sister came through surgery well, and I am spending a couple weeks with her while she recuperates. Some fun, but not a lot. She is doing well, and I am glad that she is taking it as easy as she is. That is difficult for her.

dook has lost twice since beating my Heels, and I am happy since those bruised and battered Heels are winning still. (Take that, rat bastard!)

More books read, especially in airports, etc., and posted in the box on the side. Yay Me!

All IS right in the world. People I love, games to play. . . Yeah, life is good.

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SoSock said...

Glad your sister's doing well.
Hope your son is too.
I haven't picked up "Playing for Pizza" yet, just haven't been back to the book store since then. Well, I did go once, but was feeling short on cash, and just drank coffee and browsed. I will get it though.
In the meantime, I've got a pile of "books waiting to be read". Just started on Frank McCourt's Teacher Man.
I'm in Winston-Salem, so you can imagine the pandemonium around here last week when Wake beat Duke.
They weren't too happy after Sunday night though :>
I got more than 1 glare when I walked in places with my UNC hat on Monday.
The week off will be good for our guys. Get some guys healthy. Hopefully we get Ty back for BC this weekend, and he's coming back to a team that is BETTER than it was when he went down.
Should be fun.