Saturday, January 12, 2008

ACC Basketball Season TODAY!

Since I promised to incorporate more pictures, I thought I would share one of my favorite photos I found on the web. It comes from InsideCarolina, created b y Jim Hawkins (apparently a really talented, wise person), and it used to be my desktop wallpaper:

I know I promised to post on Thursday, but I wanted to wait until today for a good reason: Carolina begins its ACC season in earnest today. I have a lot of blogs bookmarked and I read them regularly (sometimes I spend a LOT of time at the computer). My favorite one is not a sole Carolina blog, but the guy who writes it is really funny and smart enough to make it interesting, even if he does have a misspelled word here and there. Anyway, his blog is "Work Hangover" and I really enjoy reading it.

A couple other I look at regularly are: Tarheel Times, Tar Heel Fan, and TarHeelDaily. Since I live here in Kansas, we don't get coverage like one does on the east coast, especially in God's country, so I search the internet for stories that have things I might not hear otherwise.

So let's look forward to a great season, no more injuries, and a trip to San Antonio in the end. I'll be there!


SoSock said...

Greetings from a fellow Tarheel fanatic.
In your post you mentioned several Tarheel blog sites that you followed. Do any of them run "game threads"?
I am also a Red Sox fan and I participate on a Red Sox blog site that runs during all the games. We chat, rant, hoot, and just generally have a good time, with lots of non-baseball talk as well when the game gets boring. I am eager to find a similar site for my Heels.
I found your blog by searching for UNC basketball in the "interests" box, and I liked the name....
(I rant once in while myself)
I'll check the ones you mentioned in your post in the meantime, and if I find a particularly great one myself, I'll get back to you.
And wasn't that game Saturday just a walk in the clouds!

Displaced Heel said...


Thanks, you are my first ever comment! Actually, I missed most of the game Saturday, but the last seven minutes were very, very sad. However, I have long labored under the idea that getting through the ACC season without a loss just sets you up for failure at the Big Dance.

Some of the blogs I listed do in-game blogs. I have too much to watch during the games to read such blogs, much less keep them, so I don't pay much attention.

Good luck, and check back by.