Sunday, April 6, 2008

Challenge 30 -- Family News Story

The biggest news story in our family this month is that Mom not only got time off from the kids, she got to spend it in San Antonio at the Final Four with her best friend, Linda. Linda and Mom are on the opposite sides of the court, so to speak, on April 5, and so we hope the friendship lasts after that game. Mom, of course, is pulling for her beloved Tar Heels. Linda is a true blue Rock Chalk Jayhawk. Only one team can play in the Championship, and we want it to be the Tar Heels. OK, I want it to be the Tar Heels. You won't read about us in any of the news reports or stories after the game, but if the friendship survives, and I know Linda well enough to know that it will, it should be in the papers.

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